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Alex Harris Alex Harris is the Managing Partner for Alexander Harris LLC.  Before forming the firm, he was the Supervising Attorney and co-founder of a national tax resol...more

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Jesica Berger Ms. Berger is a Senior Associate attorney with Alexander Harris LLC.  Prior to joining the firm, she spent six years with Mr. Harris at a national Tax Resolutio...more

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Shannon Stoffey Ms. Stoffey is an Associate Attorney with Alexander Harris LLC and has worked with Mr. Harris since 2013.  Before that, she was an Associate with another Chicag...more

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Beth Duncan Ms. Duncan is the Service Coordinator for the firm and an Enrolled Agent.   She has worked with Alex Harris for 11 years and is architect and coordinator of se...more

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Brittany Brittany is the most tenured Senior Paralegal with the firm, having worked with Mr. Harris for seven years.  In addition to her responsibilities working with cl...more

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Emily Emily is a Senior Paralegal with the firm, having worked with Alex Harris for two years. Emily joined the firm after working with Mr. Harris at their prior tax r...more