Our attorneys have the skill, the experience and the integrity to handle the toughest Tax Resolution and Controversy cases.

Harris Tax Law Overview

Welcome to www.HarrisTaxLaw.com, the home site for Alexander Harris LLC. Our law firm is a Chicago-based national Tax Defense firm representing individuals and small businesses in tax resolution and controversy matters across 48 states.

Our services begin with a free consultation and intake interview.  At the end of the interview, a prospective client is given a written client Engagement Agreement and Plan that defines the scope of the representation and itemizes the investigative tasks to be taken. Additionally, clients authorize our attorneys to obtain further background information directly from the IRS through a signed Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney allows us access to the same data the IRS is using in its actions against the client. When the Investigation is completed, a written Investigation Report and all supporting work and analysis is provided to the client and all options are explained so the client can make a highly informed decision about how to proceed with their case.

In this way, both the attorney and the client are making the most educated decision about how to defend the client, resolve the client’s tax problems and how and whether to proceed with further representation and defense

Alexander Harris LLC works on a “flat-fee” basis for all their Tax Defense work, typically charging a smaller fee during an Investigation process and breaking up the Defense (Resolution and Controversy) fees into payments that fit the client’s situation. We are acutely aware of the financial challenges that our clients are facing and our fee structures are designed to help our clients get the legal help they need without the additional fear of unpredictable and unexpected costs.

What We Do

  • Tax Compliance Analysis (Income, Payroll, Sales, FBAR)
  • Revenue Officer/Automated Collections Defense
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defense
  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Currently Not Collectible
  • Fresh Start Agreement
  • Levy (garnishment/seizure) Release Negotiation
  • Lien Negotiation
  • Examination (Audit) Defense
  • Audit Reconsideration
  • Tax Controversy Defense Litigation

Meet our Professionals

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Alex Harris

Alex Harris is the Managing Partner for Alexander Harris LLC.  Before forming the firm, he was the Supervising Attorney

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Jesica Berger

Ms. Berger is a Senior Associate attorney with Alexander Harris LLC.  Prior to joining the firm, she spent six years with

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Shannon Stoffey

Ms. Stoffey is an Associate Attorney with Alexander Harris LLC and has worked with Mr. Harris since 2013.  Before that,

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Beth Duncan

Ms. Duncan is the Service Coordinator for the firm and an Enrolled Agent.   She has worked with Alex Harris for 11 years

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Brittany is the most tenured Senior Paralegal with the firm, having worked with Mr. Harris for seven years.  In addition

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Emily is a Senior Paralegal with the firm, having worked with Alex Harris for two years. Emily joined the firm after working

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Jeffrey is the Operations Manager for Alexander Harris LLC.  He manages the enormous volume of communications coming through


I have had the privilege of working with Alex Harris, who guided me through my myriad of tax problems… he has been very supportive, cordial, professional, and he has relieved me of a lot of anxiety… he has enabled me to overcome these situations so that I can now breathe again… I am very thankful for all he has done for me.

K.A.L., Stone Mountain, GA

Shannon Stoffey did a magnificent job for me. I owed the government over $180K and she saved me all that money…  She’s a lady of her word.  And Shannon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family thanks you.

Samuel Gordon, Chicago, IL

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the work that Jesica did with our OIC.  She’s been nothing but professional and courteous, and even when we needed things explained to us like little babies, she did a great job at that.  We really appreciate everything. (Debt: $321,593  OIC: $28,000)

U. S., Gilbert, AZ

Thank you so much… I am honored and grateful for the support you have shown us!… I just want you to know that I am so appreciative. Thank you again.

C.M.Aztec, NM

They helped me out immediately… they got a levy released and saved my job at the Board of Trade… Thanks a lot Alex, you guys are the best…

Vince MammoserChicago, IL

THANK YOU!  You and your team have been incredible, your patience, knowledge and guidance have truly changed my life…

P.P.Jupiter, FL

Jesica, thanks for all your help. You have been a tenacious advocate, and I’ve marveled how well you have maneuvered through the IRS…

W.F. El Largo, TX

I have had excellent experiences… I had a CNC set up and a levy release with the help of Brian Thompson… I am able to breathe easier… <Brian> never made me feel stupid… great people to work with

J.P.Griswold, CT

Alex is an outstanding attorney and extremely knowledgeable in his field… but also one hell of a guy… I look forward to our contacts… I cannot recommend him highly enough…

William O'Connor, Attorney, San Francisco